Dental Sealants

If your teeth have narrow grooves or pits, Dr. Siegel and Dr. Dolt will recommend coating them with sealant because you can’t clean them adequately with brushing. These fine grooves or pits accumulate plaque, not because you don’t brush, but because these indents are too narrow for even one bristle to penetrate. Pits and grooves can develop cavities over time, but using a sealant fills them, creates a smooth surface and enables your toothbrush to remove all the plaque from your teeth and prevents decay. We guarantee our sealants when recommended maintenance is observed, we will touch them up as needed during your recall appointments. Sealants are usually recommended to some adult and most children.

What to expect during dental sealant procedure?

Your hygienist or your dentist will use a paste to clean the grooves followed by an acidic gel (etch) to roughen the surface to be bonded. Then, the sealer material is painted over the grooves and a curing light will be used to harden the sealer material. Everything will be rinsed and dried. Anesthetic is not needed since we will be bonding only on enamel.