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Dental Lab

A dental lab is where the “behind the scenes” activity of making your restoration (crowns, implant prosthesis, veneers) happens. In most dental practices, this activity happens off-site. Then the work is delivered to the dental office, meaning the person who might be making your front tooth has never met you. In our office, all of this work happens on the premises! What does that mean for our patients? It means that the person actually making your tooth will meet you in person and match the color both at the time of preparation and insertion. It means that custom color alteration and shape modification happens when you’re here in our office. It means our patients get to communicate their expectations and desires directly with the person making the restoration. This is a tremendous benefit in the delivery of highly cosmetic results!

We are very proud of our certified ceramist, Debbie Pinto, who makes our practice look good each and every day! While Debbie’s official job title is certified ceramist, we like to call her our practice’s magician. We like to say that during cosmetic makeovers, it’s the lab doing all the hard work during the commercial breaks.