Guided Implant Surgery


The combination of 3D scan technology and imaging provides a multi-dimensional view of all the teeth, bones, nerves and sinus cavities and other vital anatomic structures. This complete 3-dimensional picture eliminates the guesswork for dental implants leading to more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants and providing a patient predictable and safe tooth replacement




  • Simplifies the dental implant treatment process
  • Complete accuracy of implant placement for highly esthetic outcome
  • Eliminates guesswork at time of surgery by allowing use of a precise surgical guide
  • Less surgery time, faster, more comfortable process
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Many times, it entirely eliminates the need for surgical incisions

Ideal for Patients Who

  • Want a full set of permanent teeth instead of dentures
  • Have one or more missing teeth they want to replace
  • Want to replace removable bridges with permanent teeth
  • Are missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay
  • Are frustrated with loose or poor fitting full or partial dentures
  • Need single tooth replacement, multiple or full mouth reconstruction
  • Are a good health candidate and have enough bone to support dental implants

3D Imaging