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GALILEOS is the absolute state-of-the-art in dental imaging. One 14-second scan will result in a complete 3D representation that shows a patient’s teeth, bone structure and anatomical features, such as nerves and sinuses. With GALILEOS, we able to analyze 3D displays in perfect image quality which enables clear navigation and diagnosis. For patients looking to replace teeth, this technology is absolutely phenomenal as we are now able to perform "virtual implant placement" in advance of actual implant placement. This means a complete elimination of guess-work when placing implants. This offers an incredible advantage of being able to very precisely plan for safe and exact anatomic implant placement by creating a 3D-printed implant-placement guide. This allows for easier, less invasive implant placement and a much better patient experience! The GALILEOS 3D imaging provides diagnostically significant findings for all dental indications allowing less waiting time, quicker treatment and treatment security.


  • Easy and short process taking less than 14 seconds of scan time
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit in our office (no outside imaging center)
  • Leads to safer and less surgical time
  • Allows easy treatment coordination with other members of the dental teamskull-1.jpg

3D Imaging